About Paradigm Life Insurance

Why I got into Life Insurance

I have lived in Red Deer, Alberta for my entire life. I previously worked Oilfield Sales for 25+ years. I became increasingly frustrated with the ups & downs in the “oil patch” and the stress and pressure that went along with that on a daily basis. When I was approached about getting into the Life Insurance industry, I definitely had my hesitations about it. Here is a list of reasons why I had reservations:

• Most people strongly dislike the word “Insurance”
• Insurance companies are known to “not pay” claims
• Nobody ever wakes up in the morning and says “I want to buy insurance today”
• People view insurance agents as sometimes being unethical in the profession

These were just a few of the things that crossed my mind. However, after hearing all about this Insurance company and how they approach claims and customer service ‘differently’ within the industry, I became very intrigued about the opportunity. To this day, the company continues to show me how they are different when it comes to topics such as; the claims process and the customer service levels. I am now in an industry that its like the old saying ‘if you love what you do…you don’t work a day in your life.’ Getting the opportunity to educate people on life insurance and how it can be The greatest gift you can ever give your loved ones is what drives me. I look forward to meeting with different people on a daily basis and presenting life insurance options that best suit their individual needs. From Replacing Mortgage insurance to issuing a new Life Insurance policy to reviewing the clients existing coverage are all key factors in growing trust and rapport with clients.



Jumping on our trampoline one evening in July with myself and my two daughters, Avery (6) & Jordyn (3), I was like every other father with 2 very young children on a trampoline – I was being ‘very careful’!  However, on one particular bounce, Avery landed on all fours and I just happened to notice that her forearm folded in half.  She then tried to get up and her arm completely gave out on her.  So off to the hospital we go and sure enough her forearm was snapped in two (as per the x-rays).  She was in a cast for 6-weeks  and missed out on most of her summer.  The evening of the surgery to repair her arm at the hospital was not especially enjoyable as a father.  Being that we had a Combined Insurance Family Plan, Avery received a cheque for $4,200.00 for her outpatient surgery on her broken arm.  I have since invested the money for her to use later in life when she will have a need for it.